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Dear Colleagues!
Most-Tsvetmet LLC was founded in May 2006. The company was founded by physical persons. The principal licenced activity of the company is procurement, processing and sales of nonferrous and ferrous metal crap.
As of today Most-Tsvetmet LLC is one of the largest enterprises in the Southern Federal District for processing and sales of nonferrous metal scrap.   
Today Most-Tsvetmet LLC products are being exported to Germany, Italy, England and Spain. At the same time we attempt to expand the limits of our partnership and are always willing to carry on a dialogue with companies with the view to maintain mutual reliable cooperation.
The company owns integrated production facilities. The principal melting facility for copper powder production is an Inductoterm induction crucible furnace.
To ensure products quality control the enterprise has an operating spectrographic laboratory (state evaluation certificate No. Т005 as of 06.07.2009). The spectrographic laboratory is equipped with Spectro - Spectrolab L and Spectrolab JR CCD spectrometers for analysis of metals and alloys. The grain-size composition is checked by means of attested Endecotts LTD screens (ISO 3310-1) and weighed by means of Acculab Atilon ATL-224-I scales with the accuracy up to 1 mg.

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